Cath Kidston

Project Outline

A large Retail Outlets marketing team contacted Visimi to see if they could provide a high brightness Video Wall. This Video Wall would face out of a window in a shop to remind passers by of the products and offers they have in store. There was only one problem, the Video Wall had to fit into a very tight gap between a wall and a window and there was barely enough room to get a fitter down to fit the video Wall. They also did not know what size Video Wall they required and just gave us measurements to work from.

Visimi Proposal

We presented them with the following:

  • 2 x 2 49" High Brightness Video Wall with narrow bezal and slimline brackets to fit the measurements of the gap between the wall and the window.


The Marketing Team were very impressed with how quick Visimi gave them their proposal and placed the order. From enitial contact to getting the Video Wall made and fiitted, Visimi turned the job around in less than a week. Another very very happy customer and the Video wall looks amazing.

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