19" - 22" Freestanding Digital Hand Sanitiser


The Freestanding Digital Hand Sanitiser is unique, clever and innovative. Not only can you utilise the digital display for advertising, informing or enhancing a user experience, it comes with its very own inbuilt hand sanitiser. This means that when using the sanitiser, it will keep you focused on the screen for longer. The sanitiser is muiltipurpose, you can add either foam, liquid or gel to its 5 litre tank.

Great for hospitals, healthcare industry, petrol stations, service stations, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Each display comes with an inbuilt media player either Android or Windows depending on your preference. The displays have inbuilt high powered speakers. The displays used are designed for 24/7 use and are the latest 1080p LED high end panels.

Available sizes 19"and 22"


  • Built for 24/7 commercial use using the latest LED panels
  • 1080p High Definition screens with a wide viewing angle to give a clear crisp picture
  • Optional media player of either Android or Windows operating system using an i3 processor (Can be upgraded to i5 or i7)
  • Built within the system is our free Digital Signage software with no extra licence fees
  • Optional Plug and Play using the USB sockets for easy fast uploads
  • High quality speakers
  • High gloss PVC finish
  • Colour options available
  • Locking system to the back panel for security
  • Cooling fans to make sure the PC is running at its optimal
  • Multiple inputs included and you can request extra if needed
  • Optional santiser from liquid, foam or gel
  • 5 Litre tank for sanitiser product


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