Freestanding Video Walls


For large scale digital signage solutions, an LCD video wall can be the smart choice. With their narrow bezel these displays can produce a virtually seamless video wall. Using high end DID panels this gives these displays a long life and high reliability.

The built in eco-friendly power timer allows for a reduced power usage in those hours that the displays are not required. However, they also have a built in smart temperature control system, allowing them to be in constant use.

For environments with strong light - features such as its specialised contrast ratio, colour temperature of 10000K, and a luminance of 700cd/m2 ensure perfect image and video quality even in direct sunlight.

These displays can be used as a single unit or as part of a tiled video wall. As a video wall the video signal is sent to a splitter then onto each screen. Each screen can be set to display any portion of the image or video being sent by using a remote control. The video wall can have any configuration that the user requires and does not need any additional hardware or software to tile the input signal.

Each display system can be customised and you c‚Äčan have as many or as few displays as you require. We will work with your needs and dimensions to create a high impact product. The screens will come as a complete system so we take care of everything.

The units come with the following: screens, drivers and PC.

Available in a wide range of sizes.

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