Turning Heads at Tumi

18 March 2019

Turning Heads at Tumi

Visimi were instructed by Tumi to create a uniquie High Bright Window Display. This needed to be eye catching and give the Tumi Shop windows the "Wow factor"

Our design team were set to work and created a unique 5 staggerd screen system which was made up of 5 differnt screen sizes both landscape and portrait. These were designed to also create a shelf system within the shop window to hold the suitcases and smaller bags.

We built the casing out of High Grade MDF and had these sprayed in a high gloss dark silver. The screens used were 55", 43", 32" 27" and a 24" panel. They were also 1500 nit screens to work within direct sunlight.

The screens can be set up to be controlled remotly and change content as and ehen needed.

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