All of our digital signage products come with optional free to use digital signage software with no monthly/annually fees. The software allows you to create, upload and deploy content securely from any location (providing you have a WiFi connection) using images, text, videos and RSS feeds.

Each screen can have its own identity so you can deploy content to one screen or multiple screens using the same or different content.

Free to use digital signage software can be downloaded to your computer or you can access this using the web based interface. If you do not have access to the internet you can still create your'e content and deploy using a USB stick.

You can create, upload and deploy content by creating a campaign within the software's template. You simply drag and drop your content to your desired location within the template and click deploy. Timings of your content can also be set within the template. You can combine images, text, videos and live RSS feeds. You may even use external links such as social media feeds and API's by simply adding the link.

The campaign is a global configuration which holds your complete digital signage setup. Having the ability to configure multiple campaigns allows you to easily switch your signage players from one configuration to another.

A timeline is a visual representation of the sequential play list order of your media resources. A collection of all your timelines make up the final output of your digital signage presentation.

The station manager empowers you to remotely control all of the signage players. You can reboot, play, stop, update software, get statistics and more. All this from within the comfort of the station manager.

Screen Division (zones)
Screen division divide the screen into separate areas (AKA Zones). Areas are assigned a channel number in which you can run independent content. Included in our software is a powerful screen division WYSIWYG editor.

The sequencer is essentially a simple and effective way to serially set the play list order of all the timelines. This is done using simple drag and drop operation.

Set your timelines to play at any day and anytime. Use the schedular to set the exact start and stop times. A graphical interface is used to get a summery of all future playlists and easily resolve conflicts.

Advertising Engine
Build your own advertising network, provide to your customer proof of play, visual analytics and more. Each customer can be managed through the sub-account manager.

Resources include any media content which loads onto your digital player. These include video, sound, signage components and scenes. Also provided are social network portals that retrieve shared files. These portals include social networks as well as our own built in digital signage social network.

The components include many valuable tools that you can use to enrich your signage presentation. These include RSS News, Stock tickers, RSS Weather, RSS Video Podcasts, HTML component, TV Tuner / Capture card, clocks and more. Components can be used directly on the timeline or within a designer scene.

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