Go Serve - GoInteractive Nursery Table

Project Outline

Visimi were contacted by Go Serve to manufacture an Interative Nursery Table thats different from the rest. They wanted bright colour options, a dual operating system for the screen thats easy to us and the table to be child friendly. They also stressed they wanted the Nursery Table manufactured in Britain. We had to get our skates on as they wanted the Nursery Table as soon as possible so there was no time to waste.

Visimi Proposal

We presented them with the following:

  • Visuals of how the table could look in various colours including the Go Serve colours green and grey.
  • A sample of a 32" custom built dual operating system screen that can be switched from PC to Android with a push of a button
  • Costings
  • A manufactured Nursery Table in Britain with these features - 32" custom built dual operating system screen, table to tilt positions, index pin for lockable positions, lockable wheels, extra long lead, swappable surround and base, colour coded, child friendly materials, remote


Go Serve were very happy with the custom built 32" screen but they wanted to make a few tweaks to the design of the frame it sat in. After making these changes they placed an order with us. Once they received The GoInteractive Nursery Table in the Go Serve colours, they were over the moon and now the GoInteractive Nursery Table has a patent.


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