Kaspas Desserts

Project Outline

Kaspas Desserts contacted Visimi Digital to install digital signage systems throughout their new restaurants. Their objective was to impress their customers with the impact of digital signage and to have software on the signage to display their menus in all areas of their restaurants.

Visimi Proposal

We presented our products to Kaspas with the following proposals and products:

  • To place a 43" screen right above the counter
  • Battery operated 10" freestanding display next to the tills - this way they can up sell products when customers queue to order
  • 32" Freestanding display in pure white - in a funky seating area with Vespa seats to allow customers to view the menu at their tables
  • Upload content on 6 x 65" wall mount display

All screens fitted are controlled remoteley which means they can be updated with Flash promotions from Head Office and managed with ease and efficiency.


Visimi Digital turned around the whole job in less than one week from sign off to installation. We successfully met the objectives of Kaspas, creating eye catching, impressive digital signage with efficient software which met Kaspas requirements for their restaurant.


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