The Waterford House Partnership

Project Outline

We were contacted by The Waterford House Partnership to provide 100 Video Brochures branded in their clients logo and images which they would provide. They wanted a 7" screen to promote the work they have done for their clients whilst on an incentive travel events. They gave us 2 weeks to complete the project from start to finish. Time wasnt on our side as they wanted 70 of one and 30 of the other.

Visimi Proposal

We presented them with the following:

* 100 x 7" Video Brochures with charging leads and cases branded in their clients logos/images. Visimi to upload their clients video.



The Waterford House Partnership accepted our proposal and placed an order with us. After shuffling a few things around and working hard, Visimi met their requirements and turned the whole project around from start to finish in less than 2 weeks. The Waterford House Partnership and their clients were amazed with the quality of the Video Brochures.


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