32" Interactive Nursery Table


The 32" Nursery Table, is innovative, eye catching, sleek and great for early years education.

The Nursery Table is great for individual or group activities to stimulate the minds of children in the early years stages. It is designed to give a unique learning tool to the education industry with its built in apps and software it comes as one complete package. It has various settings to suit groups or individuals, moving from an upright position to a table top it gives multipurpose uses all in one.

The software and hardware has been designed uniquely for this table allowing a Windows Operating system ideal for teaching and learning aids for teachers which swiftly and seamlessly switches by the push of a button to a fully packed Android system full with games, teaching aids, and software to stimulate.

Being at the forefront of technology and working with educational experts the table has been designed to work with ease. The products are also Made In Britain so quality is paramount.


Key Features of the product.

- 6mm toughened safety glass to give you peace of mind.

- Unique switch bottom to seamlessly switch between the in-built Windows and Android operating systems.

- Software packages included.

- Lease agreements available to help you manage payments.

- 32" IPS LED screen full 1080p HD

- 10 Point touch screen (Can be upgraded to 40 point touch if needed)

- Windows 10 i3 PC inbuilt

- Android Rockchip Operating System built in

- 3 Year manufactures warranty and support

- Wheels for easy mobility which can be lockable.


Optional Extras.

- A Wide range of colour frames available.

- Add your own unique branding

- Battery operated no need for cables

- Hydraulic height adjustments

- Interactive Objects for the screens.


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