Digital Shelf Edge Displays


Sizes available : 11.3", 16.3", 20.7", 23.1", 27.5", 34.9" and 42.3". Other sizes available on request.


  • Built for 24/7 commercial use using the latest LED IPS panels
  • Standard 1080p High Definition screens with a wide viewing angle to give a clear crisp picture. Can be upgraded to 4K
  • Low noise cooling fans
  • High quality intergrated speakers
  • Multiple ports included, extra if requested
  • Free to use digital signage software with no monthly/annually fees
  • Black or white as standard
  • Plug and play for fast easy upload
  • Locking system for security
  • High quality paint finish
  • High quality tamper proof glass
  • Optional media player of either Android or Windows operating system using an i3 Processor. Can be upgraded to i5 or i7
  • Optional as a panel or as a kit (without housing) for being intergrated into designs
  • Elevated brightness providing extraordinary colour expression and greater visibility
  • Brackets included


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